Supplementary School

Personal Success Supplementary Schools (PSSS) have been providing supplementary education for over 5 years for children aged 5 to 16. We have a network of schools across the Liverpool through which we have developed a model for supplementary education that helps children realised their academic potential as well as become well-rounded members of the community.

All students are different, so our first role in accepting your child at Personal Success Supplementary School is finding out about his or her individual strengths and needs. We will assess your child to understand his or her level of educational attainment and use the result as a starting point which will be subsequently build upon,

Using this information, we will develop an Individual Education Plan (IP) which will give a detailed program of your child's learning. All our teaching is geared towards progress and we will provide you with clear and detailed performance data to show the areas in which your child is making progress and where he needs more support.