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  • Lynette Douglas

Subject Specialism
Head of ESOL
Head Of Pastoral Mentoring
English GCSE - A-Level
Social Sciences - Sociology and Psychology GCSE - A-Level

Master of Arts Sociology Social Policy
PGCE Social Science and English
Advanced Educational Practice Certificate SEN / Dyslexia (pending)

Lynette is a valuable member of the Personal Success team. She has an invaluable insight into the ESOL curriculum and heads up our ESOL Department. In addition Lynette has an in-depth knowledge of the Social Sciences and English Language curriculum.
Moreover, Lynette is a popular tutor amongst the students and constantly achieves grades above student expectations. Using her expertise and drawing on her work experience in a variety of teaching environments, Lynette can design a personalised scheme of work to suit each individual student. This rapport with students continues with relating results and attainment to parents and teachers. Presently, four of her students have just gained admission to two private schools with high standards. This is attributed to Lynette's efforts in preparing them for their 11+ examinations.

  • Margaret Stephenson

Subject Specialism
Head of English Language and Literature
Teacher of Adults in Literacy & Numeracy
Teacher of English as a foreign language

B.A Cert Ed.
B.A English/Art

Margaret is a committed and proactive teacher and a valuable member of the Personal Success team. Margaret has 25 years teaching experience within the school and private education sector. This gives her an important insight into both roles, and how private tuition can be used to focus on a students weaker curriculum areas. Margaret adopts a calm yet professional attitude to teaching and is committed to helping students achieve their maximum potential.

  • Morufu Bello

Subject Specialism
Head of Mathematics
Head of ICT

MA: Education (Mathematics Teaching and Learning) - Pending
BSc.Hons (Education and Mathematics)
PGD: Computer Science

Morufu not only heads up the Personal Success Group, but also heads the Mathematics and ICT department. Morufu is a highly dedicated and driven teacher and has an in depth knowledge of the key stage 3, 4, and 5 Mathematics curriculum. This was founded in the school environment, allowing him to create structured schemes of work for students to follow that will link in with the curriculum. Morufu is a motivational teacher developing productive environments to enable students to reach their full potential. Over time his links within the Liverpool community have been an important factor in the continuing accomplishments of Personal Success. Raising awareness of the importance of education in a supplementary capacity, and making it accessible to all.

Pupils' feedbacks:

Ibrahim improved from level 3 to level 6 in Mathematics:
"My teacher is Mr Bello and I improved form level 3 in less than a year and I wrote my SATS exam with confidence, and I got a good result thanks to Mr Bello. I thank him for his support, good teaching style, and sense of humour."

Roda gained confidence in Maths:
"He gave me so much help, my teacher in school even noticed my development. I began to walk into my exams with confidence."

  • Luke Scaife

Subject Specialism
Head of Sciences

PGCE Applied Science (Masters Level)
BSc (Hon). Tropical Disease Biology

Luke heads up our Science department, which includes all core science subjects from primary level to secondary, onto further, and higher education. Luke is a dynamic and confident teacher. His knowledge of the sciences is second to none clearly shown by the qualifications he has achieved. However, he has an innate ability to translate this knowledge to all levels of education, ensuring all students can grasp and understand what targets they have too attain to achieve in there given science subject.
Having taught in both the school and private sector his understanding of the (Science) National Curriculum allows him to set up specific schemes of work for individual students, focusing on areas of improvement.

  • Fernando Rojas-Santos

Subject Specialism
Head of Adult Education
Skills for Life

BA Cert Ed
OCNW Mentoring Level 3
TESOL Level 2
Skills for Life Initiative, Leadership, and Management.
ESOL Core Curriculum Training
Fernando heads up our Adult Learning Department, but also works closely with our ESOL and Mentoring Department. Fernando is a valuable member of the Personal Success Team. His in depth knowledge of Key Skills tutoring allows him to cover the broad spectrum that encompasses Adult Learning. He has mentored in many different working environments, from workplace industries (Care Homes, Catering, Health), Schools, Colleges, and Universities, and on a personal one to one basis. Moreover, the combination of his advanced knowledge of Adult Learning means our students receive a personalised programme of study, which suits their needs and expectations.

  • Dr Huda Salim

Subject Specialism
Head Of Islamic, Arabic, and Quran Studies

Ba Hons English Language and Literature
Masters in English linguistics
PhD Corpus Linguistics
Dr Huda Salim is an invaluable member of the Personal Success team. She heads up our Islamic, Arabic and Quran Studies. Dr Salim's extensive knowledge of the Quran, English language and linguistics is the focus of her present PhD study at Liverpool University. Her work is well received amongst her professional peers and her recent studies in corpus linguistics are already being considered as a key contribution to this field of study. Moreover, Dr Salim can relate her knowledge and understanding of the Quran to all levels of students. Ensuring that the correct learning objectives and outcomes met.